Ana is a film director, cinematographer and multidisciplinary artist based in New York and São Paulo.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Ana was whisked away – at the age of 17 – when a couple of German ballet directors (Mrs. Birgit Keil and Mr. Vladimir Klos) saw her dancing in a ballet competition in Brazil. They took her to Germany where she attended the Hochschule for Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Mannheim. Soon enough she was offered a contract at the extinct Meininger Ballett, where she was promoted soloist. Ana then joined the legendary German ballet company Stuttgart Ballet and performed around the globe. To take a break from the german cold, Ana joined Les Ballets de Montecarlo in the Principality of Monaco, under the patronage of Princess Caroline. In 2008, Ana ended her stage career and moved to New York where she decided to explore her latitude of talents.

Once settled in NYC, Ana joined The Lee Strasberg Institute for Film and TV, where she later switched to their extinct filmmaking program – FilmTrack – directed by film guru Robert Milazzo. She performed off-broadway, experimented with stand-up comedy, worked as an arts & entertainment TV host, until she eventually started producing her own TV segment and decided to setup her own independent film production company – MindField Creative Productions. With a background in producing, shooting, directing and developing TV shows for Rede Globo TV Network, E!Entertainment Latin America, Bravo, Rede TV, Record International and A&E, her distinct eye for visual storytelling is both engaging and clear. Ana also worked as a professor at Tulane University in New Orleans and published a few articles for a Brazilian science magazine – Super Interessante.

All this moving around caused her to be fluent in German, French, Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese. Her discipline, focus, research skills, attention to detail, resilience, and wild imagination come together and shine through her writing, neon-art and film work.

She’s currently working on the publishing of a poetry book and on a series of neon-art.